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  • 20131216
    Congratulations Andy Murray on winning the coveted title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013. Of course it is much deserved considering his recent achievements and is another feather in his cap. It is nice as it would seem that he has won over a number of haters as this contest is a public opinion based vote. Well done again Andy and I hope your fight to get back to full fitness is going well.

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  • 20131101
    As Andy Murray recuperates from his back surgery I have a growing feeling of unease.

    Prior to the surgery many people were levying claims that Andy had lost a bit of hunger/desire and I'd refute that. However, some worrying signs are there for me. His statement that he was only interested in slam wins was a bit odd in my opinion as it is clear you cannot switch form on and off like a tap - so why make the comment? Now as Andy recovers he has stated two or perhaps three times that he will miss the Australian Open if he feels he isn't it the shape to win it. Hmm may be a bit worried about...

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  • 20130920
    Andy Murray is to go under the scalpel to try and erase his back injury.

    In a rather last ditch effort to ease his pains, an operation to permanently solve his ongoing back problems is going to put him out of competition for at least a few months.

    I'm not hopeful of a return to normality until the AO is out of the way, as historically, back operations are niggly in their effort to impede an athlete's return to full fitness. Convelescence is a series of stages whereby strain on the lower back tendons ans surrounding muscles must be carefully managed or other injuries can arise...

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  • 20130919
    Andy Murray is unlikely to play again this season after deciding to undergo surgery on a long-standing back injury.
    The 26-year-old has a disc problem in his lower back and is set to miss this year's remaining tour events, including November's World Tour Finals in London.
    The injury flared up in May, forcing him to withdraw from the French Open.
    He returned in July and was the US Open quarter-finals.

    Lets hope he returns with a Slam in Australia in 2014

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  • 20130919
    Andy Murray is unlikely to play again this season after deciding to undergo surgery on a long-standing back injury.
    The 26-year-old has a disc problem in his lower back and is set to miss this year's remaining tour events, including November's World Tour Finals in London.
    The injury flared up in May, forcing him to withdraw from the French Open.
    He returned in July and was the US Open quarter-finals.

    Lets hope he returns with a Slam in Australia in 2014

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  • 20130625
    Andy Murray yesterday, in beating Benjamin Becker, passed the great Fred Perry's record for most wins in slam matches for a British male player. It got me thinking that perhaps we should have a thread about those records? We could use this thread here so feel free to add any records you know Andy holds in tennis.

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  • 20130624
    Did anyone watch the great documentary last night? If not I fully recommend it as it shows many great points about Andy and shows him in a totally different light. It can be viewed here:-

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  • 20130222

    Andy is teaming up with Tim Henman to put on a show for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity after Russ Hutchins requested an event after the final of the Queens tournie.

    Lest hope they can attract some top celebs to play.

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  • 20110722
    What would the ramifications be to him and his supporters ?

    Would we suddenly jump on the bandwagon and proclaim another load of slams will happen.

    Would Andy become complacent and never win another one.

    Would our opinion of him change to that of expectation or pessimism.

    Would Andy's disposition on court worsen or lesson or stay the same.

    Would we all become loudspeakers and red-neck our way into the forums and shout we were right.

    Or would we and Andy each, conceivably, part the waves of ridicule and ride the storm that would gather...

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  • 20110711
    Please post any good, or interesting, Andy videos on here.

    I'll start with my favourite Very Happy

    I want it all


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  • 20130121
    ... says Pete Sampras -

    Hope he's right Smile

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  • 20120916
    I've just spent the day being soaked and blow dried by the wind, then a little watery sunshine waiting for the honour of cheering Andy on the streets of Dunblane. I've got a few photos one very close up when signing autographs and one of the Golden Postbox although not when Andy was at it as the place became mobbed and the media stood all round it. I'll post the photos in the Gallery later this week once I hook my camera up to the laptop. Andy took time to speak to everybody - so worth bracing the elements - what a great day

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  • 20120919
    Anyone noticed a complete turnaround of how Andy Murray is now portrayed in the press and on the internet ?

    Lots of nice profile pictures of him smiling and looking happy, not to mention the drop out of those horrid photos of him wide mouth and grimacing.

    Such a change of heart is surely down to his recent slam win.

    Are they now cosseting up to the new millions of viewers/readers who they now perceive as ardent supporters and want to tap into the feverish need for news about him ?

    Two faced hypocrites !

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  • 20111231
    Great news has just broke that Andy Murray has appointed Ivan Lendl as his new full-time coach. A great appointment in my opinion as Lendl was one of the greats of the game in the 1980's and like Andy Murray suffered a number of slam final defeats before turning that around to win many slams. Hopefully, he can pass on the sercret to Andy Murray and get him playing an all-round more aggressive game.

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  • 20120820
    Rumours are beginning to circulate in the press that Andy and Kim have set a date for their wedding next year. Great news if true and many congratulations to them both and it goes without saying that I wish them all the very best. Anyone else heard this rumour?

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  • 20110928
    Which Slam will Murray win first and why do you think so ?

    Personally ?

    I still feel Wimbledon is where he will break his duck, even though he excels on HC. I base that on his own confidence levels going in to that event. He was a set up for the first time against Nadal at Wimbledon 2011 and was playing the type of tennis we know he can play, in fact his whole tournament there was a marked improvement from his earlier attempts. And it is also there that he gets his incredible support from the fans, prob the biggest he will get anywhere in the world for obvious reasons, and...

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  • 20110712

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  • 20120408

    Hustled together, in 5 mins, due to complete lack of incentive to create a FaceBook App, as I just can't cope with it.

    Please feel free to contribute etc, the like button is esp important !

    If you're not a member of Face Book, you can sign up under a pseudonym and leave it at that , otherwise you can only look at the page and not "like" it or post anything.

    I am trying, so lets hope it attracts a few more members to our site.

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  • 20120515
    Many happy returns Andy, hope you get the win today to celebrate your birthday.

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  • 20111224
    I see there was a lot of moans about Andy being one of the ten candidates up for this, you would think he had put forward his own name for it

    However he still has friends out there apart from us.

    BBC had the final results of the public poll on the sports page:

    Mark Cavendish 169,152 (49.47%)

    Darren Clarke 42,188 (12.34%)

    Mo Farah 29,780 (8.71%)

    Luke Donald 23,854 (6.98%)

    Andy Murray 18,754 (5.48%)

    Andrew Strauss 17,994...

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  • 20111209
    I always like listening to Boris' views on Andy Murray but his opinions change like the wind. In one report he writes off Andy's chances of ever winning a slam and then says that he is more than capable of winning one. Such as the differing views in the reports below:- (Before the WTF) (After the WTF)

    Generally, though I find his opinions pretty much spot on with what Andy must do to win a slam.

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  • 20111115
    I know the Daily Fail doesn't exactly have a good reputation, but actually their tennis coverage is quite good. Here is a link to an excellent interview with Andy - long, but well worth reading.

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  • 20110709
    I have often wondered who Andy Murray really is.

    We all know he is a tennis professional, plays for Britain and Scotland and is No4 in the world, ATM.

    But is he really the "dour" Scot we have all been told or have read about in the papers.
    And why does he attract so much bad press from around the country, surely he is doing a better job at recruiting future British and in particular English tennis stars than the LTA - considering their almost bottomless pit of money, and he has done some good charity work, so why does he get so much derision ?


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  • 20110819
    I was very sorry when I heard about this, earlier today, it came as a shock.

    I used to be a regular poster on there at one time, under another name, I imagine the members are devastated about it's closure.

    I'd just like to say hello to any of the Andy Murray forum members who might come across Murray Maniacs.

    We're very it's early days.....but please have a look round and feel free to drop by for a chat, anytime, about our Andy.

    You can be sure of a warm welcome

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  • 20110728 

    I see Andy is down to play in this.

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  • 20110724

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