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  • 20120923
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  • 20131014
    2013 has seen a decrease in competitiveness at the top

    It's been a great year for Rafael Nadal, as the ATP recognise him today as the world number 1, a position which he has finally regained from Djokovic after losing it in Wimbledon 2011.
    But apart from the magical story of Rafael Nadal, coming back from injury to win a chain of tournaments as he has, I think the overall competitiveness at the top in 2013 has been markedly down from the 2008-2012 period.

    I say that 5 year period,...

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  • 20130929
    So, there we have it, the LTA has publicly condemned the tennis wannabees to a future of loan shark finance and shackled them to the net post as a way of telling them that if you're not from a decadent or privileged background, you haven't got a hope in hell of becoming a professional tennis player.

    Of course, with the latest...

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  • 20130806
    Just look at the v2 'Fed All Class Thread', nearly pissed myself laughing. LOL !!

    Hilariously hypocritical posts from Federer fans- it's beyond comedy. To watch Julius, Bogbrush and all the other Fed fan bullies get upset and angry over CC's post is beyond belief.

    For those of you who haven't seen it, Caledonian Craig pointed out that Federer on the whole is a gentleman, but does sometimes behave badly with this rivals during and after the match. He went onto say that Federer is still human, and not totally perfect.
    This led to a hilariously abusive response to CC, as...

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  • 20130713
    Its almost a week since Murray raised the Golden Chalice above his head.

    Having watched sporadic highlights, a complete re-run and in depth highlights of the final at Wimbledon, I think it would be nice to look back at the tournament and in particular the reasons why Andy was able to complete the event only dropping 3 sets on the way to winning the title.

    Novak had not dropped a set until the semi's against Potro and had a hefty 5 setter, but that was the only time he came into hardship before meeting Murray. Andy on the other hand had to deal with a rejuvenated Verdasco,...

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  • 20130707
    Well, its here at last, the final between the two top players in the world today, Andy Murray & Novak Djokovic.

    Good luck to both players and of course we all wish for a brilliant match of tennis, but a special degree of luck to Andy in hoping that he can win it for the first time and set the record book straight and herald a new beginning for British tennis.

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  • 20130707
    Murray is a great player, and the best Britain has had for a long long while. 
    He has shown time and time again that he can play and compete with the best, since his wins against Federer when he was young, to his US Open Title last year.

    However one thing on his CV that he will not like is his Grand Slam Final Record. This can be, in part, put down to the fact he is playing among 3 other world class players but Murray will  desperately try and reverse this- at the moment he is 1-6 out of 7 GS Finals. 
    Today's Wimbledon is huge, he loses and he does 1-7 down, another blow at...

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  • 20130623
    The LTA are under intense scrutiny in the next few weeks, to provide and deliver an increase in the sports participation levels.

    In the report above, it seems that they have the girls section sewn up, but if they can't be seen to have overhauled the overall amount of youngsters playing the game, then  the will be a hug deficit...

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  • 20130515
    Funny stuff: SunRay


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  • 20130505
    Murray is a fantastic player on grass and hard courts, but he's nearly always (apart from 2011) done terrible on clay.
    His game is built around counter-punching, endurance, and working your opponent over- so it should be perfect on clay.

    However he always looks clumsy on the surface, and doesn't seem to be able to move freely. Surely Lendl should have worked on that by now??

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  • 20130413
    Hi everyone :Cool

    I recently was involved in a civilised debate via PM with the respectful and knowldgeable 606v2 poster JohnnyJeep, about tennis and the objectivity of stats.
    He argued that a player with more slams is a better player without question, as stats are quantitative and therefore objective. I disagreed, as you may expect, saying that just following the stats creates a false and misleading sense of objectivity; while in reality you must observe the circumstances as well, even if this does...

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  • 20130313
    Draper resigns (or as good as) amid continuing backlash of criticism for his bloated salary and underpar performance levels that have actually gone backwards for the mens game and forwards in the womens.

    Having just one male in the top 200, does not justify huge bonuses and pension awards for 7 years, when he has always said it will take a ten year plan to improve British prospects, and with only 3 years to go inside that tenure, he's failed miserably.

    Even now he has the nerve to quote the success of Murray as the basis for a good job well done, except Andy has never been...

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  • 20130218
    The 'Equal Era' Myth

    I've heard people quite often claim that the 'Golden Era' is a myth, and the 'Wee Kiera' is a myth. However I think some are missing the obvious point.
    It is frankly nearly impossible, and I repeat, nearly impossible, for two generations (two different time periods) to have the same difficulty in terms of competitiveness. It is much more likely that one time period will either be slightly more difficult/ slightly less difficult than another. Of course we do get extremes when there are two time...

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  • 20130202
    Rafa fans must be drooling at the prospect of seeing Nadal back in action, but they may have to wait awhile, his next tournie is in Santiago, Chile. A clay event in which Rafa is seeking to gain some match fitness and ease his knees into competitive tennis once more.

    Here is what he said about his comeback.....

    "Rafael Nadal admits that he could find things tough on his return to competitive tennis next week after seven months on the sidelines.

    The Spaniard arrived in Santiago on Friday amid great expectation and was received by Chilean president Sebastian Pinera...

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  • 20130217
    Hi Peeps.

    The calendar has been updated with all Andy's pre arranged tournie dates and can be accessed through the Calendar straight to its forum by clicking on the tournie description. You can use the search engine at the top to find a particular event in any month in the drop down menu, although its quicker to skim through each my by order.

    If anyone wants another date put in, just ask, as its not a straightforward thing to do and requires admin access to the admin panel Smile


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  • 20120921
    Its been 22 yrs since we had a British woman in a WTA final and 24 yrs since a British woman won one.

    Sara Gomer won the 1988 Northern California Open beating Robin White 6–4, 7–5.

    Jo Durie was a beaten finalist in the Virginia Slims in Newport by Spain Arantxa Sánchez Vicario 7–6, 4–6, 7–5

    Its going to be a close one for Laura and she will have to call on all her fighting prowess.

    Chinese Taipei's Su-Wei Hsieh will play Laura after the world No.53 beat fourth seed Urszula Radwanska 6-1 3-6 6-0.

    They seem to be evenly matched, but Laura was...

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  • 20120918
    It may be obvious to some and painfully denied by others, but in reality Roger Federer's era has all but ended.

    He may be able to lift another trophy or two, that is the man and how good he is, but more importantly, he is enabling many young players to savour the legend and experience what it is to play against someone of Roger's calibre by not retiring sooner rather than later.

    I should think they look up to him in awe and to have the chance to play on the same court as him will be a memorable episode, one they won't forget in a hurry. Its great to see him continue to play...

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  • 20120915
    That with Murray's latest win, it has taken us 283 slam tournaments since Fred Perry last won one to get back on the treadmill.

    This year has seen 4 different winners, its a feat that is surprisingly quite common for tennis slams, which I didnt realise.

    Most of Federer's wins have come on grass and not hard court, his best surface technically.

    Gottfried von Cramm and Henner Henkel both won Wimbledon flying the Nazi flag of Germany.

    Only one male player in the modern era has won a calendar slam....Rod Laver, but no player has won more than 4 in a row,...

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  • 20120813
    Now that we shall inherit a truly wonderful hangover with the Olympic torch dying and the ringed flag handed over to Rio, I wonder what we shall all take away from the Games.

    Wonderful memories and magic moments to savour for a long time to come, replays of winning points and gasping runs to the tape, but what shall Murray eventually gain from his spectacular win. Many pundits believe a new Murray will rise from the ashes of his Wimbledon loss to Federer which he so recently and solidly dispatched to Davy Jones locker, and he will benefit from his huge success at the top of his sport.

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  • 20120807
    On another tennis forum I frequent somebody has stirred up emotions by suggesting that Andy Murray would have beaten Federer at his best the way he played in the Olympic Final. Roger's fans opinion on this is that Federer (at his best) beats anybody. It had me thinking to myself that I find that erroneous but then if that is the case then what is it that makes Roger Federer the GOAT. Well here is my theory.

    Roger Federer holds the GOAT tag as he has that wonderful knack of finding a consistently high standard when it is needed most and hence helps him to amass such a huge amount of slam...

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  • 20120714

    Laura Robson has reached the semi finals of a tour event for the first time in her career and has done so beating the tournaments 41th ranked player and 2nd seed consecutively.

    Having flirted within the top 100 recently, and with a brave battle against Shiavone in the 1st round at Wimbledon, she has shown enough good core tennis to enable her to get results like this. Always a fighter, but with stamina and strength issues, Laura...

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  • 20120608

    As an old Eastbournian, I'm quite proud of what the championship has become and its transtion into the mixed formula of men and women.

    I'm a bit miffed to be honest, as now they have knocked down the roofed north stand and put up an open air one, the attic room at the top of the large house, 2nd from right, can now view the whole court. And yes, that...

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