Murray out of Belgian tie.

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Murray out of Belgian tie.

A bit worried here for Team GB, if they were to beat Belgium, that would mean a World Group playoff during the 14-16th of September. There isn't much going on around that time, but the US open finishes on the 9th Sept, that's only 5 days before the DC, will Murray be up for that ? I can't see it personally, and if he does, say we win, what then, we'll be in the World Group playing alongside the tennis greats.

Do we really want that at this stage in our DC build up of talent ?

I know it will be a great experience for the lads, but anytime without Murray they haven't got a hope in hell. And there's a big chance if Murray is still in the hunting that he will concentrate more on the slams than the DC.

They face the ignominy of falling down the groups again and I suppose the media will blame Murray for deserting the ship etc, we've got to beat Belgium first and foremost, but we really are doomed if we do and doomed if we don't.


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Murray out of Belgian tie. :: Comments

Post on Tue 27 Mar 2012 - 18:53 by Guest

We're beginning to have a good doubles pairing with Ross and Colin that you could look to pull off the win, but without Andy I don't think we'd get anywhere near winning singles matches in the World Group Sad On a brighter note, I have my tickets for DC next week all sorted. Another weekend of drama if young Dan gets the nod Very Happy

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Post on Tue 27 Mar 2012 - 19:57 by Jubbahey

I fancy our chances with Belgium.

Its gonna be close, but I hope it doesn't go down to the wire again, no sure Danny boy will be able to pull off another great match like that one again.

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Post on Tue 27 Mar 2012 - 20:19 by Guest

I hope you are right Jubba, I'm not sure I could take the excitement again, you would have thought we had just won the DC itself when Dan pulled off the win last time. It was great though.

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Post on Tue 27 Mar 2012 - 20:38 by Guest

Andy will no doubt take a lot of stick (as usual) for not taking part but his career and that elusive slam must come first and foremost.

I find it sad that when he is missing GB's No. 2 player (whoever it may be) has to take on the responsibility and doesn't have any regular tour (ATP) experience

Until we can get at least another singles player up to that level we will continue to struggle.

Fortunately the doubles are covered.

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Post on Fri 6 Apr 2012 - 20:52 by Jubbahey

Oh dear, not a good start, prob the worst, but, looking at the rankings of the singles players, I'm not surprised. There is a big difference in the numbers.

Goodhall lost to a player nearly 200 places above him
Evans lost to Rochus who is nearly 300 points above him.

I didnt realise the gap was so big.
The doubles, I would hope is sown up, as thebegiums haven't got any players who partner up, so it should be straight forward, but the reverse singles puts the numbers even farther really, it going to take one hell of a miracle for GB to pull this one off.

Que the bashers to put the boot in for Murray.

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Post on Sat 7 Apr 2012 - 8:22 by Guest

I was there yesterday (and will be for the next two days) Jubba and to be honest there wasn't too much between the players, the home support certainly rattled both Belgians, much to the frustration of the umpires who seemed to get a bit grumpy during the matches. Same again and anything can happen but it is a very difficult task, and I'm not hopeful. The plus side is if Dan can get a few tournaments on the tour at lower level he should make headway into the top 100 as he definately has the talent. Josh as well and he is in some good form having won a futures event recently. Wardy may have pulled off a win as the Belgian players were not demonstrating the difference in the rankings. I'm looking forward to today for Rossco to pull off a nice win and make the score a little more respectable. Very Happy

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Post on Sat 7 Apr 2012 - 21:47 by Guest

Fantastic atmosphere at the DC today, and a great result. If any of you were watching on Eurosport you may have seen me, I'm a couple seats and rows off the left hand side of the umpire. Seen myself on the reruns on telly. Now orderly queue for autographs please Anyhoo back to the serious stuff, tomorrow is going to be very tough, but its heartening to see the likes of Josh and Dan give their all. Hopefully they can get the opportunity to play in some tournaments and climb up the rankings. The quality of play they have sure belies the rankings they are at the moment.

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Post on Sat 7 Apr 2012 - 22:01 by Guest

Watch some on Eurosport and saw you even lthough I don't know what you look like rofl

Tomorrow is going to be tough and if they play their best nobody can complain.

Good luck anyway and here's hoping.

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Post on Mon 9 Apr 2012 - 10:57 by Guest

Fame at last, all 15 seconds of it (isn't it meant to be 15 minutes) Very Happy

Well DC over for another year for us Brits, at least we remain in Group 1. Whilst it may have been probable that we won this tie with Andy at the helm, it scares me too much to think ahead to being in the world group as we still don't have the depth to compete at that level. Until Andy has another higher ranking singles player we may always be floating around the Group 1 countries. Hopefully for the future of Team GB Dan, Wardy and Josh can get some decent ranking points and experience which they will need when competing with the pressures playing DC brings. We have much more confidence on our doubles pairing of Colin and Ross, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they meet their goal of playing at the WTF in London as top 8 rankings so that I can see them there. Very Happy

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Post on Mon 9 Apr 2012 - 13:36 by Jubbahey

Hi MTS, hope the last day wasnt too disappointing in the end.

I agree that we would have been fish out of water in the world group, it may have been a position in which Murray may have succeeded in being more prominent in his presence, but like you say, the margins for error become increasingly small and any deficiencies are ruthlessly exploited at that level. We would not have lasted long, even with Andy on board, and that may have instigated a morose attitude into the team to further damage its credibility.

We are where we should be, Group 1 and we're lucky to be there IMO, hopefully, the youngsters coming through can get some useful experience at DC level, that will help them on the tour, then things may get better as a consequence.

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