Watson gets Olympic place in singles

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Watson gets Olympic place in singles

Post by Jubbahey on Tue 24 Jul 2012 - 22:53


Heather Watson has managed to land a place in the sinlges at the Olympics with the withdrawal from the Ukranian, Alona Bondarenko with a knee injury, with some saying she may be considering retirment.

But thats great news for Heather and it may well be a silver cloud for her. I believe she had a better chance of a medal than Koethavong, who's not having a very consistent season so far, in fact she has played some alwful tennis, mostly down to injury, but her confidence is blown.
Heather on the other hand is on the up and I expected her to go a lot deeper than Anne ever could at the Olympics. Such a feisty player with fierce grounstrokes stands a good chance of getting to the last 8. She was beaten by world number 3 Radwanska a few weeks ago, who had been playing some of her best tennis at that time, but has bounced back and won some good matches in between on the tour.

Its going to be quite a eye fest for us tennis luvvers, I just hope I can catch it all in the highlights.


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Re: Watson gets Olympic place in singles

Post by Guest on Thu 26 Jul 2012 - 18:15

Agree Jubba really looking forward to it all. I've invested in an iPad to watch it all on the move through the BBC iplayer Very Happy


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