The morning after the week before the week before.

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The morning after the week before the week before.

Now that we shall inherit a truly wonderful hangover with the Olympic torch dying and the ringed flag handed over to Rio, I wonder what we shall all take away from the Games.

Wonderful memories and magic moments to savour for a long time to come, replays of winning points and gasping runs to the tape, but what shall Murray eventually gain from his spectacular win. Many pundits believe a new Murray will rise from the ashes of his Wimbledon loss to Federer which he so recently and solidly dispatched to Davy Jones locker, and he will benefit from his huge success at the top of his sport.

A quick showing in Toronto against Cipolla gave us a fleeting glance of his current form and it didn't altogether disappoint, a quick match of 6-2, 6-3 with many passing shots of sublime accuracy showed he hadn't forgotten his Olympic form.
Everyone's looking to the US slam with some saying its wide open with Murray the favorite now, but Nadal and Djokovic are never outsiders and Federer may well be looking at his penultimate event before retiring, so he could be a dangerous equation.

I thought the closing ceremony tonight was better than the opening one and finished off a phenomenal event in British history. A lasting tribute to Great British ingenuity and creativity and the bulldog spirit and showed the world these Islands are not inhabited wholly by type cast "Eastender" depressed layabouts who rampage our streets, rioting and hooliganising our neighborhoods, sucking the life blood of the Nation out of us.

We do exhibit and can display moving, emotional and patriotic feelings when the need arises, we just need it to be exposed and publicised more in our Papers and on TV, and for me, this is the one thing I hope many people take away from these Games, the pride we proclaimed for our Isles with the participation of athletes and spectators alike, coming together for a common cause.

Gives me goosepimples just thinking about the last two weeks...... UK


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The morning after the week before the week before. :: Comments

Post on Mon 13 Aug 2012 - 20:20 by Guest

It was the best Olympics ever, Jubbs. I loved every minute of it.

Tho' I much preferred the opening ceremony to the closing one.

Like you say, so many wonderful memories

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Post on Tue 14 Aug 2012 - 22:46 by Jubbahey

I am surprised that V2 didn't put up an Olympic Forum for threads to appear about any given sport, they may have attracted some new members, a trick missed there methinks.

The best thing about the Games here is that much of the park is going to stay, some housing will be built which is a good thing, I hope they re home all the people they kicked out in the first place there. But the fact that we can all go and walk around the place years after it happened is amazing really.

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Post on Wed 15 Aug 2012 - 21:10 by Guest

The Olympics were fabulous. The greatest sporting event I can recall watching in my lifetime. So much to be proud about and so much to enthuse over.

On your final point Jubba, unfortunately the hockey stadium, water polo and basketball stadiums are all going to be bulldozed. Surely, they could have kept the hockey stadium as a kind of centre of excellence for the sport as hockey doesn't have a national stadium that I know of. Also I backed Lord Coe months ago when he was insistent that any new tenants at the Olympic Stadium would need to keep the athletics track and even more stand by it now. I think both Tottenham and West Ham were adamant the track would go. Stuff 'em. World records were set on that track and Mo Farah etc had golden moments on there. The track must stay.

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Post on Wed 15 Aug 2012 - 23:31 by Jubbahey

I'm afraid they have to go because of the promises to build accommodation/housing when they bulldozed the tenement housing etc.

Having said that, it could all change slightly in the next 12 months if and when the separate venues are used for high profile events. If they can generate some decent revenue and interest internationally, the powers that be may look at tweaking the plans a bit.

I agree about the track, include the cost of building a fast one, but the history as well, its just too valuable an icon to dig up.

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