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Brisbane International

Andy Murray began the defence of his Brisbane International crown today. Sadly, it wasn't Andy's best performance by a long shot. He was taken to three sets by the Australian qualifier John Millman before winning through to the Third Round. I never saw the match but all reports would suggest it was a rusty performance but one that should have been far more routine. Andy won the first set and a slip in performance and concentration and first serve percentage meant Andy made things much more difficult for himself. Still, as Andy said afterwards it made for a very good workout. Next up for Andy is a match against Dennis Istomin tomorrow morning (UK time).


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Brisbane International :: Comments

Post on Thu 3 Jan 2013 - 19:28 by Guest

Early tomorrow morning - about 6am. Not sure I can manage to get up to a cold house that early.

I saw all the first set and some of the second. I would say Andy was just plain rusty. Millman would be well used to the conditions - he is a Brisbane lad - and had already played 4 matches while Andy was in his first match for a couple of months. All the top players have this problem of difficult early matches after a lay-off - even Fed and Rafa, maybe not Djokovic so much.

I'll worry if he doesn't beat Istomin tomorrow, not before. And even then, I think it must be difficult to maintain motivation for a low-grade tournament like Brisbane.

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Post on Thu 3 Jan 2013 - 19:49 by Guest

It is just so frustrating though. He wasn't (seemingly) so rusty in the first set and then switched off as he often does in the second set and got bitten on the bum for it. He woke up again in the final set though but still feel it should have been a routine straight sets win. True it is all just a build-up to the first slam of the year in a couple of weeks time but this is a habit that continues to blight Andy's career.

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Post on Thu 3 Jan 2013 - 22:39 by Guest

If you think Andy was rusty then look at Novak v Tomic - straight set loss.

Millman was no slouch he played some good tennis, but I think when Andy decided to go up a gear then there was only going to be one result.

It must be difficult for the top players in these lower grade tourneys ( as Decrepitude described it), to be totally motivated, must be difficult especially after a lay off, but the reason most of them go there is to acclimatise themselves with the conditions prior to the AO.

I'm sure we will see a different Andy & Novak come the main event - fingers crossed.

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Post on Fri 4 Jan 2013 - 7:56 by Guest

Andy d. Istomin 6-4 7-6(3).

Not brilliant but good enough. If he was playing too well at this juncture I'd be worried he had peaked too soon.

I can't believe I got up at stupid o'clock to watch a livestream in a freezing cold house - I can't remember how to over-ride the timer on the new heating system. Maybe because I was having a bad night and waking up about every hour anyway!

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Post on Fri 4 Jan 2013 - 14:18 by Guest

However, Boo it must be said that Tomic is on a different planet to Millman in standing and ranking-wise so there is no comparison really. Andy (rusty or not) should be putting opponents like Millman to the sword and not being taken the distance. Sorry if I am appearing too demanding but Andy is now a slam winner so I am expecting more now.

As for today - an improvement as Istomin is far more competent than Millman. Still not brilliant but at least he never dropped a set. Next up in the semi tomorrow is Kei Nishikori - this will be his biggest test to date without a doubt. I'd expect Andy to win but we shall see.

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 5:51 by Guest

Andy Murray safely through to the final as Nishikori is forced to quit due to a knee injury when trailing 6-4 2-0. It had been, as the commentators said, a lethargic start by Andy and he initially trailed 4-1 in the first set but he gradually found the extra gears and that was too much for Nishikori. Next up in the final awaits promising young Bulgarian Grigor Dmitrov.

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 10:51 by Guest

I have to admit I'm not getting up at 4am for the final, either! I won't be devastated if Andy loses: he will hardly be prepared to play lights out and risk injury just a week before the AO - while young Grigor has never won a title, and is highly unlikely to start his title-winning with a slam, so may well be prepared to lay it all on the line. Good luck Andy, I hope you win despite all that, I'll cheer you on in my sleep.

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 16:03 by Guest

Decrepitude wrote:I have to admit I'm not getting up at 4am for the final, either! I won't be devastated if Andy loses

Understandable sentiments Decreptitude. Although this is only an ATP250 event though he has points to defend from last year and if he really wants to now kick on and put himself up amongst the all-time greats of the sport then he has to close out tournaments like these. Last year he won three titles (two of them big ones admittedly) but a player of his standing should be winning more in my opinion. This year I now want to see greater consistency throughout the year and more title wins which will also help his rankings.

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 19:21 by Guest

Yes, but it's not worth flinging himself about risking injury one week before the AO just for another 100 points. Hopefuly he will be more motivated for the Masters events as well as the slams this year - that will rack the points up much more quickly!

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 20:51 by Jubbahey

Hi all.

I'm inclined to agree with Dec on Andy's performances in 2013.

To compete for the No1 spot is going to be tougher than winning 1 out of 4 slams. A good show at the AO and the French will add impetus to the rest of the year. If he manages to win another, different slam this year, then 2014 may well be the year he tries for the No1 spot as much as getting another slam under his belt too.

Winning tomorrow might not be as important as going through the motions to start off the AO in good form.

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Post on Sat 5 Jan 2013 - 22:26 by Guest

Watched the recorded match from ESPN and again it looked like Nishikori started quickly,but Andy stepped up two gears this time and got the first set, maybe the Jap was carrying an injury by then or maybe was just taken aback by Andys attacking tennis.

As for tomorrow he should win but I won't be too disappointed if he doesn't as long as he doesn't get any injuries.

Hi Jubba by the way.

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2013 - 7:02 by Guest

Put it this way these are the type of tournaments we now should be expecting Andy to win without risking any injury after all the other top players manage it.

As it turned out Andy started the final similarly to his semi getting broken early and taking his time to get up to speed. Dmitrov started off very well and dictated play. When Murray found another gear he powered his way to win the first set 7-6 and despite the habitual dip in the second set when his serve was broken Murray gave himself another kick up the backside and powered through to win 7-6 6-4. Andy defends his title (the first player to do this since Mark Woodforde in 1988) sealing his 25th ATP title. A nice way to warm-up for the first slam of thevyear.

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2013 - 10:16 by Guest

Well done, Andy. Keep it up for the rest of the year please.

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2013 - 10:30 by Guest

Watched matched up until the early stages of the second set when ESPN must have run out of time lol

Was frightened to get the result on teletext but was pleased to see a win in straight sets.

The first set tie break at 7-0 must have given him encouragement and should bode well for future ones.

Well done and with Ivan sitting in the wings I think this must have given him encouragement especially after his opponents flying start.

A star for the future I'm sure and would put him in as a top ten player in the not to distant future.

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2013 - 11:51 by Guest

I watched it in its entirety on ESPN. I agree that Dimitrov is a star of the future in the making. give him another two or three years and he will be a contender at slams if he can improve his consistency. One thing that is noticable with Andy now is he doesn’t allow dips to totally derail him as they used to in the past. He was very good in short bursts today and only average in other bursts but on the whole got the job done and gives himself a timely boost prior to the Australian Open. Title No.25 today and it is quite an exclusive club that have won that many singles titles in men’s tennis.

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Post on Sun 6 Jan 2013 - 13:00 by Guest

Yes, I watched a rerun of the entire match on ESPN via the mypremiumtv website.

As his close friend Ross Hutchins has just announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer - Andy dedicated his win to "a sick friend watching at home" - it would not be surprising if that affected his concentration a little bit during the match.

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