Not all it seems to the naked eye.

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Not all it seems to the naked eye.

Post by Jubbahey on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 10:32

If you, like me, were thinking....oh the youth of today, bloody idlers!! after reading the latest media billicks regarding a certain Cait Reilly and her case of taking the Job Centre to court for slavery, you'd be forgiven for jumping on the bandwagon and citing "bring back the birch" etc.

Well, its not all it seems as reported and for me, she does have a case.

I think the Government have missed a trick here, labelling it wrongly and putting it out under another guise. If it had come across as contributing something back for their benefits and reducing the maximum term to 2 weeks, (as in the case of school kids doing work experience for free) then maybe this wouldn't have happened, but to any young person who hasn't worked yet, doing something for nothing surely would be counter-productive when doing nothing for something is already on the table.

But of course the media have shot off both barrels at her with even that wonderfully inspiring Vanessa Feltz laying into her on the radio too, she must be wondering if it was all worth it, but I hope Miss Reilly understands that we are not all tarred with the same blinkered brush and do not wish to see this country become a nanny, dictatorship state that defines unemployment as skivving.


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