FRENCH OPEN 27 May - 10 June 2013

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FRENCH OPEN 27 May - 10 June 2013


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FRENCH OPEN 27 May - 10 June 2013 :: Comments

Post on Mon 3 Jun 2013 - 20:18 by Jubbahey

Well if the local enthusiastic, partisan crowd decides to turn up and have their aperitifs earlier in the day, Tsonga may find he has no choice but to produce his best.

Such was the reception for Gasket today, never heard the Paris Open so vocal. At times it was bad, especially during Warwrinka's serving, but that lads got balls I tell you, he silenced that crowd on many occasions, serving through noise and mayhem.

I pity Gasket, he gave everything today, it was one of the highest classy matches for a long time, I've never seen so many winners hit in one match over such a long period of time, over 4 hrs of heavy hitting, on the line backhands, it was brilliant to watch, and I suppose the crowd got carried away with it all.

But they've always been IMO, an ignorant bunch of fair weather friends.

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Post on Mon 3 Jun 2013 - 20:37 by Guest

I am kind of glad Stan won. He always gives his all and just comes across as mentally stronger than Richard who, for all of his talent, lacs the hardened mental attitude to succeed in crunch matches.

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Post on Mon 3 Jun 2013 - 22:09 by Jubbahey

It may be the last super human effort we see from Gasket. He was singing today, but Stan was fitter in the end. Sad for Richard, but they traded blow for blow and he should take some good away from this match.

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Post on Tue 4 Jun 2013 - 20:49 by Guest

So Federer's inconsistencies showed up again? I never saw the match today but I take it Tsonga played well too. Wimbledon now becomes even more interesting I'd say - I would be surprised if this Fed with inconsistency can win at SW17.

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Post on Tue 4 Jun 2013 - 21:21 by Jubbahey


I'm slightly glad in a way. Its time he saw his own timely death rather than hang on grasping at straws. Wimbledon will be his Waterloo if he can't come up with the goods. He's got a chance, but he'll have to play a blinding two weeks to get to the final. Depends on the draw, but this FO for him was the easiest its ever been and Tsonga is a player he would have eventually beaten a couple of years back.

1 slam in the last 13 is more of a yard stick to measure the bloke. He's getting beaten earlier each year at the FO since his win, same at the USO and the OZ open, going anyone thinks he'll win a gold medal in 2016 is beyond me.

Only Wimbledon holds out any hope for another year of competition, if he fails there in a few weeks may be the end for him. I know I'm writing him off again, been doing that for months now, but I suppose many peeps out there just dont want the honeymoon to end, which is fine in all fairness.

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Post on Tue 4 Jun 2013 - 21:32 by Guest

I think Federer needs a perfect alignment of planets (so to speak) if he is to win a slam again. He would need:-

1. A kind draw in the early rounds getting him through with minimum time on court possibly up to the semis.

2. The other top players to have early exits ie Nadal V Rosol so that his semi and final opponent is not one of the top players.

3. Failing that he'd need to return to consistency of old and I don't really think he has that in him any more.

I really cannot see him winning another slam if he doesn't manage it at Wimbledon.

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Post on Wed 5 Jun 2013 - 21:12 by Jubbahey

I do wonder at his win over Andy last year at Wimbledon, he lost the 1st set and was losing out a bit at the start of the 2nd set, but he managed to turn it around slowly, but it was a close shave to win the 2nd.

When the roof closed, the whole match turned around and Roger went into overdrive, a faultless 2 sets. It wasn't all Federer's way, Murray played some fantastic tennis and it was nip and tuck a few times, but I think that was Rogers last hurrah, based on his latest performances since the USO 2012.

If it came down to a rematch this year on the green turf, I'd favour Murray, if he is fit and his back is ok, to win in 4 sets or 3 even. He is a much stronger animal in all depts now, and finally getting the slam monkey off his back gives him a huge leg up in a repeat of that confrontation.

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Post on Wed 5 Jun 2013 - 21:41 by Guest

I echo those sentiments Jubba. I believe that was the fine line between Federer being in slam winning form and not. Since then the deterioration has continued causing his form to be more patchy. If Andy played Roger at Wimbledon this year I would be very disappointed if Andy was to lose.

Back to todays matches and Rafa and Novak had comfortable wins as I expected. I am forecasting Djoko to beat Nadal in five sets and Ferrer to beat Tsonga in four.

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Post on Wed 5 Jun 2013 - 21:49 by Jubbahey

Mmmm, I suspect the old Nadal will rise above mediocrity and pummel Djoko. He hasnt come alive yet, he's almost sleep walking his way through the FO, trance like.

Djoko will either explode or implode, I reckon the latter if the 1st set goes to 7-6 or 7-5 in Nadal's favour. All over but the shooting after that.

It wont be a walk over for either player, but if the wind gets up, you can write Novak off.

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Post on Fri 7 Jun 2013 - 21:58 by Guest

I never saw either semi today but got 50% of my predictions right.

I was sure David Ferrer's consistent returning would be enough to see off Tsonga and that is how it proved.

The other semi I woefully underestimated the clay court prowess of Rafa Nadal. He is the greatest clay court of all-time and he reminded me of that fact today. He found a way to win and now looks a nailed on cert to bag his 12th slam win on Sunday. For Djokovic he will be gutted. He wants to win the French Open badly and he may have passed up a golden chance today (a break up in the fifth set). It also continues a worrying trend emerging in Djoko this year. He is finding ways to lose matches he's either expected to win or is in a winning position. He'll want to stamp that out and quick.

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Post on Fri 7 Jun 2013 - 22:39 by Jubbahey

But it could have been over even sooner if Nadal had served out the match.

Djoko has managed to transform his game on all surfaces now. that was a surprise to me, I didnt think he could hit his usual winners in the manner he did today. He is going to get tougher and tougher on clay as he goes through each clay season.

Next year we may see a new champion.

Tsonga was a complete wimp, he does have the ability to chuck matches by making stupid tactical decisions but tanking a match is rare, and for me, watching highlights of some of the match I missed, it looks like he was nervous the 1st set, got a little more confident in the 2nd, but tanked the 3rd after losing his service. He fell to bits. Yes, Ferrer's consistency was a huge contributing factor, but the margin of difference in the scores says it all.

And in front of his home crowd. Shame really because the way he dismantled Federer would seem to have predicted a far closer match.

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Post on Sat 8 Jun 2013 - 10:32 by Guest

On a side note, oddly enough, even though Andy Murray missed the tournament he has cut the lead on Djokovic in the rankings whilst not losing any of his lead over Federer.

Andy was in the press earlier this week saying he is all set for his comeback. No Nails Left

Finally, I fail to be excited by tomorrow's final. I see nothing else than a straight sets win for Rafael Nadal tomorrow in clinching his 12th slam title.

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Post on Sat 8 Jun 2013 - 17:23 by Jubbahey

It won't be as exciting as the ladies final, even though it was onesided for 80% of the match, Sharapova did everything she could but Williams is soooo strong from everywhere on court, it was a duck shoot for Serena.

Am I going to watch the final ?

Luckily, I'm off to a christening, and then a party, so I'll miss the whole thing. Smile

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Post on Tue 11 Jun 2013 - 11:45 by Guest

I saw the final.

I'm thrilled for Rafa coming back like that after having such a bad knee injury. Hope it holds up for Wimbledon.

I imagine there were some very happy Rafateers on Sunday

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Post on Tue 11 Jun 2013 - 23:05 by Jubbahey

Some drunketeers too I hope, long has their wait been for him to make a comeback.

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