US OPEN 27 August - 12 September 2013

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US OPEN 27 August - 12 September 2013


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US OPEN 27 August - 12 September 2013 :: Comments

Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 5:00 by Guest

Murray gets the job done winning in three hours and four sets. Next up Wawrinka where you feel he'll need to up his game. Well done Andy now for some kip.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 11:07 by Guest

Thanks for the report, CC.

It's a bit worrying that Nole and Rafa are winning their matches so easily (assuming Andy gets past Stan the Man, of course. He doesn't seem to be on top form).

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 12:51 by Guest

Yes Dec that does concern me slightly. However, I would say that Andy is much better now at raising his game when needed. The sets he has lost here he evidently had not got out of second or third gear but followed that up by going through the gears to blow his opponents away. That is all fine and well but against better quality players he won't find it so easy to mount a fightback.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 20:54 by Guest

David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet's quarter-final is under way. Surprisingly, Gasquet romped into a two set lead but are we seeing another Gasquet mental implosion though as Ferrer has taken the third set and the Frenchman looks like he is wilting after his four hour forty minute marathon V Raonic and as I type Ferrer breaks serve and I see no other result other than a Ferrer win now.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 21:35 by Guest

Ferrer back level at two sets all and I see only one winner. That being the case it means Murray must win tomorrow against Wawrinka or else Ferrer moves above Andy to No.3 in the rankings. Incidentally, Andy is due on Arthur Ashe tomorrow evening at 6.30 pm (BST) to play Stan Wawrinka in the quarter-finals.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 21:52 by Jubbahey

Blown a Gasquet again Ricardo ?

He does have a very fragile confidence level, maybe its a mental block about getting past QF's. Apart from a SF at wimbly, he can not get past that barrier.

2 sets all as I write, he has a chance to fight back, but I'm not sure he can.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 21:57 by Guest

I wasn't sure either but from nowhere he has fashioned a break to lead 4-2 but Ferrer is threatening to break straight back. I'd love Gasquet to win this. Far more watchable although neither have a hope in hell against Rafa in the semi.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 22:09 by Jubbahey

Well, commentators nightmare, he's done it. lol

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 22:10 by Guest

Good news for Andy Murray, Richard Gasquet has beaten David Ferrer in a five set thriller and that result means Andy will remain at No.3 in the rankings no matter what happens in the rest of the tournament.

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Post on Wed 4 Sep 2013 - 22:18 by Guest

The overnight quarter-final is between Rafa Nadal and Tommy Robredo - a Spanish derby. I would be totally surprised if Robredo takes a set off of Nadal.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 7:49 by Guest

Rafa takes Robredo apart quickly to win 6-0 6-2 6-2. Nadal the favourite for the title certainly in my opinion.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 19:58 by Guest

The Murray-Wawrinka match off and running. Going to serve so far Wawrinka leading 3-2 but Stan looking more secure on serve. Already some punishing rallies. I get the impression this first set is crucial for Andy. Stan is full of confidence right now and winning the first set would feed that confidence further whilst any apprehension Murray had going into this match will increase.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 20:16 by Guest

Still going with serve in the first set with Wawrinka leading 5-4 and looking relaxed. Andy about to serve to save the set. High quality tennis so far but would like to see a tad more aggression from Andy.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 20:34 by Guest

And Wawrinka gets six set points in the tenth game and Stan breaks to take the first set after a monumental game lasting 16 minutes. Stan will get a great boost from that and Andy smashing up his racquet isn't the right mindset. Can Murray turn this around?

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 20:44 by Guest

Andy 40- love up on his own serve gets hauled back and has to save a break point. Wawrinka leads 6-4 1-1.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 21:03 by Guest

Andy, sadly just not at the races, as Stan breaks to lead 6-4 5-2. It is clear to me that the next thing Lendl and Murray have to work on is a game plan to counter hard hitting players. To be fair Stan by his own admittance is in the form of his life and just now the same certainly can't be said of Andy.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 21:13 by Guest

Stan holds out to win the second set and he leads 6-4 6-3.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 21:24 by Guest

I can't see anyway back from here for Andy. So many facets of his game haven't functioned. His serve has been patchy compared to Stan's, his service returns poor by his standards (no break points to date) and doesn't look so tuned in mentally. Stan has been the better player today in all areas.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 21:28 by Guest

And that could be the US Open crown gone. Murray's serve broken early in the third set and the writing is on the wall. Sad

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 21:51 by Guest

Stan wins in straight sets...well ok it was a hammering. I can't recall the last time I saw Andy play so poorly but credit to Stan who has been superb. On this form he has a great chance against Djokovic in the semis. For Andy he needs to work out a game plan against hard hitters as these defeats against them are getting tedious. 

Still I refuse to be distraught as it has been a wonderful last year and a bit for Andy but today he was beaten by the better man.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 22:31 by Jubbahey

I suppose it had to happen, the downside of his recent successes. It can't always be the best Murray that shows up. Mentally he must be drained, he's not a Sampras or Federer and has to rely on a substantial amount of self belief before he begins to play at his best.

Its sad and its depressing that he hasn't managed to defend his title, but in some ways this may be a blessing, defeats have always stirred Andy into learning from them and coming back a slightly better player.

I think you are spot on CC, Andy is a little fragile when faced with flat hitters.....Berdych, Del Potro, Warvrinka etc and if he is not 100% there he will suffer to break into their game.

Like you say, the last 12 months has been stellar and you couldn't ask more from the guy. Losing another rank to Nadal is also a bit of a setback, but maybe from there he can take a look back at himself and see just where he has to improve and the areas he has to work on.

Kudos to Stan, from the commentaries I've read, he played even better tonight, lets hope he hasn't peaked and he goes into the semi against Djoko with the same level and beats him.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 22:51 by Guest

Stan played magic stuff, he was superb and he never had any dips either. Andy's game was off in many areas and lets remember Stan (in his words) before this match is in the form of his life. Andy, going by recent pointers certainly isn't. Clues to Andy's form came in poor showings in recent Masters and droppings sets in earlier rounds against Mayer and Istomin. That tells me Andy wasn't in the kind of form to take out a Wawrinka in such hot form.

Now for Andy he must take this heavy loss on the chin and hopefully learn from it and come back stronger. I feel he must have a strong finish to the year winning some titles to reassert himself in a positive light going into the WTF and the Australian Open.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 23:28 by Guest

Yes, it was the way he lost that I found so disappointing. He just seemed as though he couldn't do a darn thing right ( I have days like that!)

At the start of the year he was saying that he needed to play better all the year round, but lately that he wanted to concentrate on the slams. I'm wary of that. To me he needs to be trying to win at least nearly all the time; winning is a habit. I hope he can regain some confidence in the Davis Cup and then the Asian swing.

He has already done more in his career than I ever expected - I wanted him to win Wimbledon or at least one of the other slams, and he did both -I never even dreamed of Olympic gold. But, being greedy, I would like him to win more often! He is so obvioudly capable of it.

I felt all tournament that he didn't look very well, the problems with breathing etc. I suppose we will never know if he had a virus or something, he is not inclined to give any excuses and you usually find out by accident much later, if at all.

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Post on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 23:35 by Guest

Yes Dec. The simplest way of looking at it is that Stan was playing at his best and Andy was far from it hence the one-sided score. Andy just never found a rhythm and looked ill at ease whilst Stan was tuned in and hitting the ball too sweetly. 

Andy has to look to be more competitive in the remaining tournaments of the season. Forget this peaking for slams tosh and get back that winning habit and harvesting ranking points. Just think - if Andy had concentrated harder on the Masters in Montreal and Cincinatti and made progress there he'd have stayed at No.2 and had a more favourable draw like Rafa has had. That is worth bearing in mind by Andy - ranking points do matter a heck of a lot.

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Post on Fri 6 Sep 2013 - 10:41 by Jubbahey

I think, in hindsight, Wimbledon really did take its toll, it was an immense victory at huge cost. Was it expected to see him fight tooth and nail again under such an onslaught from the Swiss, when before it was a final and this just a QF ? and with a Djoko and a Nadal to look forward to afterwards ?

Sometimes the hill is too steep and the thought of fighting your corner in a field of treacle when the tank is almost empty must be soul destroying, especially when the opposition can do no wrong.

I'm not sure he was peaking in reality, more coasting through opponents who let him play openly. The recent Masters events showed just how fragile and thin the line is between being on top of your game and not.

A slam is a good indicator of form and lets be honest, Murrays form has been sporadic and shaky since Wimbledon. Lots to be learnt here and I agree he must not just concentrate on slams, but get back to winning matches again.

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