Hindsight ? Shmindsight.

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Hindsight ? Shmindsight.

Been going over some of my thoughts/articles/posts about Federer on V2 tonight, regarding my predilection for Roger retiring after Wimbledon.

Interestingly, I supposed the reaction if he were to go out early, beaten by a journeyman and the death throws of his fans if that would happen. Unsurprisingly they reacted as expected, reverted to type and denying anything untoward, excused him with old age, end of.

Many said he wouldn't retire and how very dare I suggest he should, and that in all likelihood he'd be at the next Olympics and "having fun" doing the tour in between. Well, I don't think he looked like he was having fun getting chucked out his favourite event by an unknown. And I'm quite sure his fans although they may have "enjoyed" the few good shots he played were not fun happy people watching him go down in the manner he did.

Is it selfish of me to think that he should retire this year and save face and his continued reputation and not become a circus act of joviality ? or is it selfish of his fans to expect him to continue so they can "enjoy" his tennis whatever level he plays. I don't think I could go back to the days before Murray made such inroads to his stellar career as it stands now, and witness him losing to rank outsiders because he didn't have anything else to do that day, so he took in a match to have a little fun, it would make me ill, it would make me angry too, all over again !

I admit I have no right to insist he retires, but after Wipeout Wednesday and Rogers demise at the hands of a wannabee so early in the tournament, does he or his fans feel they may be looking at the end of the road and that this year may be a good time to bow out and call it a day ? its not as if this is something new, its been on the cards ever since he lost to Berdych at SW19 in 2010 and in those three years since, he won just one more slam. IMO, its time to give the man a break and if he should hang up his boots, notwithstanding his hordes of followers fainting at the news, it'll be Roger who is the saddest man on earth giving up the one thing that made him alive.

History will remember him as one of, if not, the GOAT and TV replays will show just how good he was. We however, the ones in the present, the people who remember him in our memories and those seemingly endless, long 6 years of dominance, even today can look at him in awe, but 5 yrs from now, if he's plodding around the tour and popping in for a quick knock up on Centre Court for old times sake and getting pawned by Bogdonovic, I think the awe may have worn off by then.

There may be such a thing as giving up too early as in Borgs case, but I also think there is such a thing as going on too long too.

I don't know.....what do you think ?


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Hindsight ? Shmindsight. :: Comments

Post on Sun 30 Jun 2013 - 11:51 by Guest

I don't know, Jubba, but that's a very interesting post.

If I were Fed I'd want to go out on a win, not necessarily a Slam but just a win.

It wasn't nice seeing him go out so early this week.

I'm very late coming to tennis. I've only followed it for the last four and half year and I regret not having seen more of Fed.

Really sorry, also, not to have followed Andy in his early days.

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Post on Sun 21 Jul 2013 - 0:51 by Jubbahey

Lost your reply Sol, must have been Murray Wimblymania.

Lots of people quote McEnroe etc who went on to play for 6 or longer years without winning anything, so I can see their point, but its not the same arena of sport today, more cameras follow the action, before during and after a match, we see behind the scene moments and private life interviews as much or more than an actual match with todays players.

Media attention is far more intense and critical, with the ever growing need for voyeuristic exposure of every part of a players life, it has got to a point where just playing the game for the games sake doesnt have a place in this world anymore.

I'm not sure someone like Federer would be able to hold his head high with the same level of dignity if he was to end up going out of events at early stages, it would be a bit like watching an old elephant slowly walk to its graveyard and peter out and disappear as it disintegrates into dust.

Even though I dont like Federer the person, not hate, but I find him a tad bland, I wouldn't want to see him die a thousand deaths from a thousand cuts.

I suppose in the old days there was a camaraderie of fellowship, a tennis players society on court where much like a hobbyists habit of attending club nights to keep up with the Jones's, older players would play events because it was their little club get together and it also helped keep them in public view and minds which must have generated some income both in event prizes and media attention and continued sponsorship deals.

Its not like that anymore, for Federer, he's a multi millionaire, so if he carries on, its because he loves the game that much. It doesn't matter what I think, but maybe the choices they have today are narrower and have less options than say 20 yrs ago, so its simpler to say yes or no to retirement, but the pitfalls may be greater as a consequence.

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Post on Sun 21 Jul 2013 - 10:23 by Guest

Well I would say the fact he is now trialling a new racquet suggests he feels he has another few years in him yet. It should be up to him when he wants to retire and that may be balanced by what he wants to get out of the game right now. Roger may feel that he just needs something with a competitive edge in his life and tennis gives him that whether he wins or loses and this will be lost forever when he retires. On the other hand he may believe what his team and advisors are telling him that changing to a new racquet will solve a lot of his problems and make him a strong contender at slams again and this is keeping him going. Who knows? This racquet change may be his last throw of the dice in a last desperate bid to return to further glories and if it doesn't work he may retire at the end of the year. I think he'll carry on for at least another year or two but we shall see.

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