Can you believe it ?

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Can you believe it ?

Its almost a week since Murray raised the Golden Chalice above his head.

Having watched sporadic highlights, a complete re-run and in depth highlights of the final at Wimbledon, I think it would be nice to look back at the tournament and in particular the reasons why Andy was able to complete the event only dropping 3 sets on the way to winning the title.

Novak had not dropped a set until the semi's against Potro and had a hefty 5 setter, but that was the only time he came into hardship before meeting Murray. Andy on the other hand had to deal with a rejuvenated Verdasco, a heavy 5 setter too and a long 4 setter against heavy hitter Janowicz. That should have made Murray the more tired and for me puts any opinions that Novak's Potro match contributed to his downfall to the sword.

After watching the match again, it was quite well balanced between both players with regard to fitness. Novak was running down as much as he could, so too was Andy, the big difference is that when Murray broke, he made more of his chances to consolidate those breaks, not always successful, but he did it much more than Novak who went into the lead twice with a 4-2 advantage.

The stats belie a simple statistic, that Murray's serve was far better and more consistent than Djokovic's, and he was able to capitalise on Novak's under par returning prowess. Andy by comparison was returning immensely well and I think returned serves in the high 80's with a high percentage of winning rallies when he did so.

Another side of Murray's game which is not usually attributed to him was his powerful cross court forehand. Its almost as good as his DH'ed, cross court backhand, which is saying something as this was always a potent weapon of his. He wrong footed Novak on several big points, and showed great courage in going for the lines on break points against him.

All a big difference in contrast to how Novak played on Sunday.

But for me, the greatest change in Murray's on court game was his serve, which in the past has let him down in any of the big showdowns that have gone before, except the Olympics last year where his serve was a lot better than normal.

The US Open highlighted this deficiency in his serve when he went down for 2 sets, but managed to rally back and win the 5th with some good serving and a lot of other stuff too.

This year at SW19, his serve has been imperious, he has brought more aggression and a beefed up forehand into his game and has built an incredible determination to struggle and strife his way through difficult games or points. The fact he won the last game and eventually served out the match may have looked excruciatingly painful and soul destroying for its intensity, but that I think will make him a very difficult man to beat if circumstances like that should arise again.

I think he knows just how far he can go, and beyond now, his limits were stretched and shattered and he fought on new ground, new territory that will stand him in stead in the future. All this has been a forging of wills between him and Lendl, having broken the Golden challenge twice in London now with both of them in partnership and with the knowledge he still has room for improvement and given his will to become a better player after every tournament, the only way is up, for now.

The future looks bright and I can't wait for the next tournie and see how much his latest win will have effected his on court demeanour, I mean, he didnt berate himself in such a bad way for two weeks and won the biggest event on the tennis calendar, its the Lendl effect for sure and one he should thank the guy for, because he has always had the ability but not the belief in himself, and I think Ivan has instilled so much confidence in Andy's game that the belief followed as a secondary effect. Its something that other coaches didn't have in their bag, they contributed much to Andy's rise, but without Lendl, it may have taken Murray a couple more years to realise his potential and the belief that he was good enough to beat the best players in the world, because he is as good as them, if not better.


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Can you believe it ? :: Comments

Post on Sat 13 Jul 2013 - 18:46 by Guest

On the whole he just seemed so much more in control of his emotions and his serve held up very well and came into play whenever he really needed it. He never got flustered or panicked and remained focussed far better. I feel his defeat last year V Federer helped him. He knew how much a defeat would hurt so he daren't fail this time.

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Post on Sat 13 Jul 2013 - 21:22 by Jubbahey

Yes, once his nose was ahead, last thing he wanted was a repeat of previous losses.

But the manner in which he got the first two sets was a lot different to his win at the USO, but in a way, similar to his Olympic gold win against Federer.

Like you say, maybe the repeat head to head at Wimbledon a few weeks later reminded him that he was very close to beating Federer but went AWOL a few times and I think Lendl turned his head around and got him to focus more on the next point rather than dwell on the last point and what went wrong.

It was certainly a different Murray that walked out, from the 1st match to the last.

I think you've said it enough times on 606V2, the winning instinct was born at the Olympics and in the defeat of his arch rival, Federer.

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Post on Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 15:13 by Guest

In my eyes, apart from clay, Murray is world number 1.

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Post on Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 20:40 by Jubbahey

Not a bad opinion at the moment.

The USO will sort out who is the real No1, if Andy can get a few good titles in between. He may not reach the ranking of No1, but he could be close to setting it up for 2014.

It will also be interesting how Andy prepares for the FO next year, and if he can iron out the back strains playing on clay.

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Post on Tue 16 Jul 2013 - 22:14 by Jubbahey

They knock me down, but I get up

Try as they might over on 606v2, their embroidered antics trying to convince me that Murrays gold was worthless has taken a knock down themselves.

Julius has made the astounding comment that Agassi thought his OG was not even worth a brief mention in his autobiog. I remember him well talking about how great an achievement it was, so where these guys get off trying to rewrite history is beyond me.

Its enough to say that I presume I'll get an apology from JHM with the link I just gave him where Andre was interviewed by the Telegraph and he gives a candid account of how big an opportunity it is to take part in the games.

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Post on Tue 16 Jul 2013 - 23:20 by Guest

When tennis players are long since retired in their 50's and Murray can tell his grandchildren he was an Olympic Champion they will recognise that feat - it commands respect. On the other hand if he were to tell them he won a World Tour Finals I'd say it is a nailed-on cert their reaction would be one of puzzlement accompanied with a query of what is that?

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Post on Tue 16 Jul 2013 - 23:45 by Jubbahey

Exactly CC, but these sporting luddites just can't see past the ends of their noses.

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Post on Tue 16 Jul 2013 - 23:48 by Guest

I'd hazard a guess that the WTF's may not still be in existence in say twenty years time but it is safe to say the Olympics will be.

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Post on Wed 17 Jul 2013 - 21:23 by Jubbahey

You may be right there CC, or it morphs again into something else. If it does drop in popularity, say through financial difficulties, backrupcy etc, will the ranking points suffer too ?

Whatever they say over on 606, the WTF is at its heart an exhibition event with superior ranking points to the Olympics, for now that is.

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Post on Wed 17 Jul 2013 - 22:21 by Jubbahey

Sorry if I've hijacked your Murray thread CC, but I've got them riled through patient and accurate research that they won't bend their knees to.

I might even get a JHM ban at this rate for posting real data LOL.

Can you see anything wrong with the details of my last big post there CC, as far as I can make out and it took me about 3/4 hour to compile it, its correct from several sources including wiki and the ATP site ?

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Post on Wed 17 Jul 2013 - 22:23 by Guest

I do love the hypocrisy over there.

You and I get accused of trying to big up the Olympics only because Murray won it yet the Federer fans big up the WTF - perhaps because he has won that.

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Post on Wed 17 Jul 2013 - 22:24 by Guest

Don't worry it got hijacked long before that by the homo. rofl 

Hmmm wiki isn't a totally reliable source but looks good to me.

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