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Just look at the v2 'Fed All Class Thread', nearly pissed myself laughing. LOL !!

Hilariously hypocritical posts from Federer fans- it's beyond comedy. To watch Julius, Bogbrush and all the other Fed fan bullies get upset and angry over CC's post is beyond belief.

For those of you who haven't seen it, Caledonian Craig pointed out that Federer on the whole is a gentleman, but does sometimes behave badly with this rivals during and after the match. He went onto say that Federer is still human, and not totally perfect.
This led to a hilariously abusive response to CC, as BB started dismissing everyone who disagreed as 'stupid' even comparing it to Forest Gump who had learning problems and an IQ of 50 etc. Others suggested that CC is 'mean spirited' for saying Federer is not totally perfect. Funnily enough these are coming from Federer fans who spend most of their times on forums trying to talk down Djokovic and Nadal, the latter especially getting a lot of attention as sore loser Federer fans try and dismiss him as a 'cheat.'

Anyway, good entertainment for the evening, must admit that much.
Hope you're all keeping well,


P.S. CC, Jubb; I think you should just quit v2 totally, it's a lost cause LOL. Funny how BB had no action taken against him even though he blatantly insulted CC by calling him stupid derr 


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Post on Tue 6 Aug 2013 - 22:03 by Guest

Yes Amritia it has been made clear on that thread that unless you are purely going to kiss Roger's backside and worship wholly at his feet your comments are not welcome there. All pretty pathetic really. I am taking time out to cool down.

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Post on Tue 6 Aug 2013 - 22:17 by Guest

The funniest was from Julius, who claimed you were somehow morally in the wrong because you've 'not been totally positive about Roger'.
Remember this is the same moderator who indulged in and actively encouraged people to hate on Rafael Nadal!

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Post on Tue 6 Aug 2013 - 22:27 by Guest

I don't think the Fed fans have grasped yet that I am a non-conformist. The more they insist Roger is god then the more I will deny it. From now on I think instead of saying Federer I will use their Perfect  icon. 

Like I pointed out there every one of the other top players are readily slated on there for traits they have such as Djokovic's shirt-ripping celebrations and egg chamber use, Nadal for his butt-picking and other OCD-related habits and Murray for his swearing and his mum etc. I don't see anyone complaining then but dare to sullen Roger's name in anyway and you are ripped to pieces. Rolling Eyes

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