The Murky Bog of the LTA.

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The Murky Bog of the LTA.

So, there we have it, the LTA has publicly condemned the tennis wannabees to a future of loan shark finance and shackled them to the net post as a way of telling them that if you're not from a decadent or privileged background, you haven't got a hope in hell of becoming a professional tennis player.

Of course, with the latest bombshell to all clubs around the country that they will only get financial backing if they take out an interest free loan goes some way to secure the LTA has enough collateral to pay their handsome salaries and surreal bonuses, but also sends out the message that in parting company with their old school friend Draper, anyone coming in to replace him, especially any Johnny Foreigner, will have the most difficult task in bringing about any kind of positive change in participation numbers of adult and kid tennis stats.

They can then blame the aforementioned JF, and scapegoat him for the complete and utter ruin of British tennis when we had the best incentive in Andy Murrays recent successes to build on, when in reality, under the Roger Draper plan, this is exactly what was going to happen. (Draper abandoned his post with an unbelievable sum of well over £3M pounds of public money having achieved more or less nothing in the process of his 5 year tenure)

The almost obstinate way in which the LTA has, like a serial killer, denied that grass root investment and the employment of good coaches is the way forward after most sporting bodies and tennis pundits have argued the case, belies an undercurrent of ignorance and introspective, egotistic attitudes of old school backslappers that seems to be impenetrable by most people of a realistic, practical and reasonable business ethos. That they have employed the Canadian, Mike Downey who on the back of, in comparison to Britain, a successful increase in numbers of players taking up the sport back in his own country, must seem like a god send to the LTA.

They will be Blessed if he fails and Blessed if he succeeds, and they can sit on their pensions in the knowledge that the gravy train is still thundering forward, taking no passengers and leaving no trace in its wake.

Meanwhile, the huge injection of interest that Britain is basking under, with a home grown Champion on American and more importantly British soil, that was gathering momentum during this glorious summer, bolstered on by the Olympic success is now destined to remain a damp squib in tandem with the oncoming British weather. All those youngsters who wanted to emulate our Andy, now have to go indoors or play on cold, wet dreary hard courts or seek out the few hard to find Bubbles that dot the dwindling neighbourhood of well endowed tennis clubs. And the momentum will stagnate and dwindle and perish.

"Murder" they all shouted......and murder it will be, if the LTA continue in this vein. The tombstone on the grave of British Tennis will read...


(courtesy of the Jesse James foundation)


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