Who is this Stich ?

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Who is this Stich ?

Apart from falling off my chair when Michael Stich decided to wade into the argument about a possible strike by the top players (I mean, what has he got to moan about, he's retired and comfy in his armchair now) and then centring on Murray in particular as if he is some kind of ringleader, then ungraciously skirts round the number one problem of player fatigue, by illustrating his era of playing both doubles and singles in a slam.

And yes, that may be the reason he only won one singles slam title. And was in the top ten for a blink of an eye. (yeah yeah, he won an Olympic gold in the doubles with Becker) but he was only a pro for 9 years and in that time only won 2 masters events. I bring this up, as a big moan in his day was the tight schedule, but he goes on to say they never moaned about it, just got on and did their job.

Either he has a short or a selective memory as I recall him "moaning" about the tour a couple of years before he retired, I forget where it was, but many players were finding the tour a bit gruelling and in those days it was respectable to play in the doubles when ever possible.

But for him to pick on Murray who is about ten times fitter than anything Stich could have trained for, belies the fact that there are more players out to injury than at any time in the history of tennis because of the nature of todays tennis and the rigorous training schedule they have to stick to to remain in the top ten. I was astounded that he then went on to say that the players should pick their tournaments more carefully !!!! They do, they all do, thats why there are so many event organisers moaning when the players don't turn up to their tournaments.

I think he should shut his gob and get on with pushing pens in the boardrooms of the Tournament committees he's a member of and leave the manly stuff to the boys.

Signed...A Peeded off tennis fan who hated Stich's fist pumping-screaming mouth point win celebrations. Esquire.


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Who is this Stich ? :: Comments

Post on Tue 20 Sep 2011 - 20:23 by Guest

I am not too bothered by Stich's comments as he seems to be living in a fantasy. I mean come on what other sports has a season that runs for eleven months without any discernible breaks that takes the competitors to all corners of the world from Britain to Australia and USA to China. To me that sounds too arduous and the rate players are picking up injuries back that up. Something needs to be done by the powers that be but will they? I won't hod my breath.

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Post on Tue 20 Sep 2011 - 20:45 by Jubbahey

I think he thinks his era had the same strenuous challenges that todays players have to face on a daily basis.

Fantasies is quite right, and I haven't heard from anyone else complaining about the players getting together to try and alleviate the tour to a more manageable existence that their bodies can take for what amounts to a ligament busting year of sport for them.

But like you say, will they budge ?...if they don't then many players will go on strike, and that's not something the ITF or the ATP want, is it ?

PS, Stich putting the example forward, that, what would happen if the events were to go on strike !, I mean as if they would have to dumbass stupidity to do that in the first place, to what end too ? LOL

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Post on Tue 20 Sep 2011 - 20:48 by Guest

Also Stich needs to look deeper instead of presuming that Andy Murray is making a one-man stand here. I'd say that Murray is merely voicing opinions held by most tennis pros as if it was just the odd one or two players complaining I am sure Andy wouldn't have dared mention strike action.

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Post on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 19:27 by Guest

I see David Lloyd has also been quick to criticise Andy, wouldn't be anything to do with a bias towards another Lloyd family member. Apparently players are treated like lords, being picked up in rolls royces, stay in 10 star hotels (are there hotels with this many stars???) and being paid handsomely for entertaining us!!! How dare Andy suggest strike action, its a scandalous thing to say, he says!?!?!?

I personally think the amount of travel time included in attending tournaments and moving through time zones needs to be considered. Its not always a factor but at some times through out the year, it does impact on the fatigue a player may feel, especially if the player wants to return 'home' between competitions to spend some time with family and friends. There have been rumblings for ages that players are not happy with the amount of mandatory tournaments they need to play. I genuinely hope they don't strike.

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Post on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 19:47 by Guest

Well good old Martina Navritilova has waded in to the row now and backed Andy Murray. She is in agreement with him and says she was complaining 25 years ago that the tour was too long. She also says people should get off Andy's back just because he voices his opinion. The voice of experience has spoken. Smile

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Post on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 20:12 by Guest

Yep just read that Craig. And she's a lady who should know. Total respect to her :queen:

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Post on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 20:44 by Jubbahey

Thats quite a guarantor, since she has criticised Andy in the past.

I pity the guy cos' as soon as he opens his mouth, the whole world wants to jump down his throat.

It makes me laugh when people cite a players earnings, but...

A/ that is what the organisers want to pay these guys to take part in their tournament.
B/ they damn well earn it considering just how much of their life they dedicate to their job, I would say about 25 times more than the average person each month.
C/ since when have tennis professionals ever been a poor man's sportsman ?
D/ sour grapes growing out the Lloyds ears methinks.

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