You know you've lost it when looking back with no anger

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You know you've lost it when looking back with no anger

I'll be the first to admit, I have always moaned about 606, the wums, the lies, the hate, but I was as much part and parcel of the dark side of 606 and in a way as much to blame for its demise.

I fed the trolls.

I encouraged the wums.

I argued for the sake of arguing.

All for a good cause I thought, but looking back, I think I have to admit being the one side of a double edged sword.
The ying or the yang, it doesn't matter, I was there partying on the proceeds of wum exchange threads.

Now, although I can say I was part of that rather strange, alternate existence on the ethereal waves in a manner of an assumed wum hunter, I was in fact an alter-ego wum. Wumming the wums with no other purpose than to wind them up. So you see, I was guilty of wumming as much as them. The subject matter may have been different but the purpose was the same.

But, in the end, looking back, I had fun, had some great laughs with other like minded posters, in a perpetual battle against the enemies. The wums can say exactly the same with as much pleasure too I am sure. And it is with that memory I wish I had not taken them so seriously, but had laid into them even more. I wish I had taken more time to eek out far more pleasure than was forthcoming. Lets face it, in a war of attrition, there are no innocent parties.

But it was fun, a lot of the time, I enjoyed the scathing posts I penned immensely, the sarcasm, the wit, The Wum Hunts, they all seem to be something that shouldn't have happened, but I'm glad they did. It was an era where counter-wum posts were the norm and it was an accepted thing. The wums knew it and thrived on it and I for one took them down with insane pleasure. Not always successful, some rebounded with clever and witty reposts, but the wheel kept turning.

It is only now, posting on V2 knowing the wums are there, (not the haters, I don't class them as wums, just sad individuals) and not rising to the bait, I may answer them but my teeth are clenched and my fingers have to do a skip and a dance to circle round the things I want to say. And it is in that way that I found how much I miss the ridiculous banter I/we had with them over on 606. It could never happen again and I don't think I'd want it to because I'd be concious of it for one thing and even though it was enjoyable, it was for the wrong reasons for another. It would incite the haters even more and the liars to peddle their wares once more.

So although I can look back with a warm feeling in my heart to the old 606, I would never want to do it again, because the bad things in the end were not worth it.

But it was a glorious past, and an unrepeatable past I hope for the sanity of the internet.


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You know you've lost it when looking back with no anger :: Comments

Post on Mon 17 Oct 2011 - 22:58 by Guest

An interesting post, Jubbs.

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Post on Tue 18 Oct 2011 - 19:25 by Jubbahey

Suddenly had a realisation that wumming is one thing, vindictive posting is another.

I was going to say a few things to Bogbrush on V2 the other day, and what I was going to say, upon reading it back, seemed a little contradictory and hypocritical.

On the one hand, I was going to berate him for posting the same old stuff, then realised he was just mildly winding the thread up, but my reply sounded like something I would have written on 606. Then it all became clear, I was treading the same path, albeit on the other side or in the opposite direction, but responding in a way to wind him up instead for a change.

It all became very reminiscent of past conversations on 606.

But the difference is, I became acutely aware that I was just (if there is any analogy that could describe such a thing) a good wum. But a wum nevertheless. Then it occurred to me, am I, was I a good wum?

Of course there is no such thing, but I wonder if the "bad" ones looked upon themselves as a good wum. I tried to reverse roles and it didn't take much to realise that it is all just an appreciation of intent. There are funny wums, laconic wums and, "there, just for the laugh" wums, but there are also nasty, vindictive wums and there the comparison ends. To me they are like the haters and fabricators, the propagandists and the warmongers.

They remind me of petrol bombs, no danger until they are lit and then thrown mindlessly into the crowd.

I can appreciate I was only ever replying to lies and deceit most of the time on 606 and that there were the occasional posts written entirely for the entertainment of the individual, but I do feel a little guilty of generalising the term and calling some posters wums, just because they disagreed to an extent or didnt have the writing skills to clearly convey their opinion.

Suffice to say, and looking like I'm having a crisis of conscience, I made mistakes on 606 and probably did bully a few posters, though not intentionally, into leaving. Which makes me a hypocrite for criticising posters on V2 for some of the stuff they print.

The division between light hearted banter and antagonistic posts is a little vague, the two weave in and out of clarity when bordering on their limits.

Older and wiser I must become.

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Post on Tue 18 Oct 2011 - 20:13 by Guest

I do think there are different kind of WUM's. Those that start the ball rolling and those that respond to that post and are drawn into counter-WUM posts in order to put the earlier poster in their place which I know unintentionally I have been guilty of in the past - if you follow that. Wink

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Post on Tue 18 Oct 2011 - 22:40 by Jubbahey

Thats exactly where I'm coming from Craig.

In a way I miss the light-hearted wummery, which was harmless, but latched onto by the more serious trolls with an agenda. Then the whole thing took on a new face and it went downhill from there.

I remember when I first joined 606, wummery was rife but not too nasty.

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Post on Wed 19 Oct 2011 - 12:11 by Guest

Some soul searching going on Jubba???

When I first joined 606 it was light hearted, posters had good banter and there was some good old debates. But posts rarely escalated to what we seen in the latter days of 606 and the recent days of v2. v2 also started off with a nice feel to it and then it grew quickly. Mass numbers give way to mass differences of opinion. For me it is a personal choice, I choose to not enter conflict in my personal time as I have a challenging and demanding job, this is in part why I choose not to frequent v2 often. I enjoy your forum as I can relax and chill out - that is my choice. Its all comes down to an individuals choice. We can choose what we want to do and what forums we want to be part of, I prefer mine not to get me like this

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Post on Wed 19 Oct 2011 - 21:24 by Jubbahey

Soul searching?....kind of.

A eureka moment maybe, but had to get it off my chest and on a public domain seemed the best way given the subject matter.

But I think we all owe it to ourselves to admit a little participation and an inevitable collaboration with the wums, by default of entering into conversation with them.

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