Draper mimics that monkey.

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Draper mimics that monkey.

See no talent
Hear no good news
Speak no sense

I see Draper has decided to bite the bullet and admit quite openly that his forever extending 10yr program has stuttered and hiccuped, stalled and stammered and quite literally, dried up any hope of a top 50 player within his ridiculous time scale shenanigans, considering the talent he had in the junior dept.

Seeing the light has been one of Drapers most difficult missions to date, but somehow, a glimpse into the future that any sensible person could see a mile away has broken the spell.

Maybe now, he will understand what is needed to give our young hopefuls and any up and coming male/female player the coaching and support they need, instead of the draconian school style administration that has plagued the hyper kids and thrown them over board for nothing more than trying to enjoy themselves occasionally.



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Draper mimics that monkey. :: Comments

Post on Sat 17 Dec 2011 - 19:27 by Jubbahey

Just took a look at V2 and nobody has picked this report up, so if anyone wants to plagiarise this topic over there, then do so by all means.

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Post on Tue 20 Dec 2011 - 22:13 by Guest

Sadly, too many cannot be bothered about the state of British tennis over there hence the support for non-British players when playing British players.

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Post on Tue 20 Dec 2011 - 22:46 by Jubbahey

Had a quick look in today at V2, just to see if there was any alternative threads that didnt include a Nadal/Murray bash etc

Glad to see Tenez is still at it, I've always said he would never change his spots, but his latest, era debunking thread is just so typical of his hatred for Nadal.

Every time someone produced conflicting evidence about his "theory" it got shot down as rabid, fan girl opinion. Except for a few replies to Lydian, poor old Henman Bill, who I thought posted quite a good well thought out statistical analysis was put down as...


Basically called him a wum.

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